Descovering Desenzano del Garda

On the way to Desenzano, we changed over in Verona and everything went smoothly, which is unusual for me I didn’t complain. The weather was glorious! On the first night, we just had a stroll along the lake and went for some pizza. When in Rome! (Well, north of Italy at least).

Hello, Lake Garda!
A delicious pizza! And changed over to wine. (Excuse the slightly wet hair. It was really hot.)

On our first full day, because Desenzano really wasn’t that big, we decided to already do our first day trip to Verona. Only, when we got to the train station, we were informed that there was a strike and the trains weren’t running. So we thought to ourselves… “Oh well, we can always go for a bike ride along the lake instead and go to Verona another day”. So we turned to leave the train station to find…

It was absolutely chucking it down.

Those storms in Innsbruck seemed to have caught up with us, so we stranded for nearly an hour at the train station. My bad luck had indeed found me again! I then tried to buy train tickets for Venice the next day, and managed to forget my PIN (though I thought I knew it) and my card got blocked. Perfect. Over an hour later and rather soaked through, we rocked back up to the hotel kind of fed up with life. Once the storm had passed, and when I got my card unblocked (phew!), we went for a stroll and had more food and wine and we were happy with life once again. We headed up to the castle in Desenzano, got a nice view over the small town, and then went and chilled on the beach for a while before heading back to the hotel, kind of feeling that we had missed out on a day due to that damn storm. And stupid me for forgetting my PIN.

Castello di Desenzano
A pretty nice view over the rooftops!
Chilling along the lake after a pretty hectic and unproductive day.

The next day, there was no train strike, so we ventured off to Venice for the day. In the evening, when we got back, we had dinner a little later than usual, but therefore enjoyed some pretty nice views across the lake when it was dark. There was some sort of light festival going on, meaning the place was illuminated with loads of colours – really cool! I also had a huge ice cream. It was a good day.

There were lights shining everywhere in the town.
Does my ice cream look big in this?
It was a very peaceful place!
The sun was just setting behind the town on the left.

The next day saw us finally catch a train to Verona. We must have been there for about 3 hours (there really wasn’t that much to it), but it gets its own blog post nevertheless: Being shown-a Verona.

On our last full day in Desenzano, we stayed in the town and chilled on the beach all day. I wish we’d actually spent more time just chilling, but with it being my first time in Italy, I wanted to take advantage of our location and see everything! In the evening, we went for another pizza which was huge and nearly defeated me. Nearly.

The face of initial panic.
Bye bye, Lake Garda!

Then it was back to the hotel to pack and get ready for an early start the next day as we headed to Zürich.

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