Austria, Italy and Switzerland

At the end of July, we jetted off (well, on a train) to various locations for our summer holidays. In total, we were actually only 10 days away, but due to us jumping from one place to another, it weirdly felt a lot longer.

I’ve decided to write about each place in a separate blog post, so that you don’t have to read the entire thing and you can read about whichever places interest you most. You can find links as each place is mentioned in this post, and I’ve tried (maybe a bit too hard) to come up with catchy names for each place’s blog post. Sorry in advance for some of the not-so-good ones!

So, as we all know, Tim doesn’t look flying, so we took the train to our first destination – Innsbruck, Austria. The plan was to change in Munich, where we had about 30 minutes to catch our connecting train. Of course, because I am me, we missed that connection due to a delay, so we had two unplanned hours in Munich. To be honest, there are worse places to be!

The first holiday beer came a little earlier than expected, but do you see us complaining?

After we finally reached Innsbruck, we were greeted by the sight of huge mountains surrounding the city which looked pretty amazing! In total, we stayed in Innsbruck for four days and spent our time eating, drinking, walking up (and therefore sweating like pigs) huge mountains, and I also took complete advantage of the swimming pool/sauna in the hotel – I even had the whole place to myself for two hours. Now that was holiday!

Oh hey, mountains!

You can read more about our time in Innsbruck in my cleverly named blog post: In(n) Innsbruck.

Four days later, we took the train further south to Lake Garda. More specifically, Desenzano del Garda. Wow! That was my first ever time in Italy and we were warmly welcomed with, well, really warm weather. We spent five days in Desenzano (more here: Descovering Desenzano del Garda).

Lake Garda

We also had two day trips: one to Venice (Venturing off to Venice) and Verona (Being shown-a Verona), which you can read more about and see photos of in their separate posts.

After our time in Italy had came to an end, our holiday still had another day left. Due to us taking the train, I didn’t really fancy a 10-hour trip back up to Frankfurt from Desenzano, so we agreed to spend one night in Zürich. We’d been to some pretty amazing places, but I personally thought we had definitely saved the best till last. You can read more here: Zooming through Zürich.

We changed briefly in Milan on our way to Zürich, and the train station was pretty impressive!

And then, it was time to head back to Frankfurt! After finally getting back (with no delays, which I’m still shocked about with my usual luck), we had about 2 hours to grab some food, get ready and head to one of our friend’s birthday party. Thinking I was only going to last a few hours, we eventually got home at 5:30am and I (apparently) took this photo of the sunrise on the way home (I really don’t remember taking this photo). So I guess home can be quite pretty, too!

A very nice welcome home!

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