Freelance Work

If you’re looking for somebody to help you with English, be it proofreading, translating, teaching or more, then look no further! Just send me an email at and we can talk more about your project.

We’ve all been there – no matter how many times you read through your text, you find a typo. And a layout issue. And an incorrect word. It’s seemingly endless!
Let me take a look at your text before you drive yourself up the wall. I am happy to proofread texts written by English native speakers, as well as non-natives. I am a big fan of helping people learn through their mistakes, so I will make sure to explain any larger changes if you want me to so you can improve your writing in the future.
I am happy to proofread any types of texts, though I specialise in texts that are used for teaching purposes, as well as academic texts such as master theses.

I can translate from German to English. With a degree in German, as well as over six years living in Germany and speaking and writing German on a daily basis, it has become a second language to me. So even those pesky German words or phrases that are difficult to translate into English aren’t a problem. And if you need a quick explanation as to why I’ve chosen to translate something as I did, I am happy to take the time to go through the logic with you.

English is a beautiful language – I’m sure we would all agree! I am happy to write texts for you, depending on the topic. I have a wide variety of interests and experience in writing, such as texts for travel, video games, as well as texts that are to be used for teaching purposes. But I will be honest and decline if I feel that somebody better is out there if the topic is a little bit out of my comfort zone. After all, I want you to have an amazing text for your website, magazine, or whatever else it is you need it for!

I have been working in the field of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) for many years. If you feel you need to brush up your English skills a little, I am happy to offer you one-on-one English lessons. Ideally, you’re based in or around Frankfurt. But, of course, in this day and age has opened up so many doors in communication. So if you’re not in Frankfurt, or Germany or Europe for that matter, we can most certainly have a go through modern technologies!
I am also happy to take on larger groups, too. For example, I teach a General English B2 course at the local university in Frankfurt. So if you are a company looking for an English teacher, please do also get in touch.

Got a project that doesn’t quite fit in?
That’s not a problem! If you have a task or project that you would like to discuss with me that doesn’t perhaps quite fit to any of the above, then please get in touch regardless and we’ll see if we can make it work.

Other than individual projects, if you’re interested to know about the variety of bigger customers I work for or have worked for in the past, here is a sample (in alphabetical order) along with a brief description of the tasks. Feel free to click on the company names to go to their official websites.

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences is a vocational university based in the heart of Frankfurt. Since October 2019, I have been giving weekly General English B2 and C1 classes, including both synchronous and asynchronous, online and traditional classes. In November 2020, I was taken on for a part-time job to work on a new project to create an English offer for university staff members.

At Frankfurt’s largest university, Goethe University Frankfurt, I have been teaching General English classes since April 2021. I have so far given two online classes at B2 and C1, two in-person classes at B2, and currently I am giving an online C1 class and an in-person B2 class.

At the Justus-Liebig University in Gießen, I gave a weekly seminar in English linguistics on the topic “Non-native varieties of English” in the winter semester 2019/2020. The class was largely based on analysing linguistic data from non-native speakers of English.

At the University of Kassel, I was asked to create a concept for a new course in English for Agricultural Studies. I subsequently gave the course from October 2020 till February 2021.

The Hessisches Lehrkräfteakademie, amongst others, is partly responsible for schools across the state of Hesse, where cities such as Frankfurt and Wiesbaden are located. Three times a year, I take part in voice recordings for the listening sections of English exams at Realschulen and Hauptschulen in Hessen. In addition to that, I proofread the exams before they are distributed to schools.

I contribute articles to Praxis English, a magazine made for English learners. Its aim is to offer variety of creative materials for English classrooms. You can find a list of articles I have contributed here.

Westermann is a schoolbook publisher in Germany for whom I have carried out many projects. My tasks tend to include using Adobe InDesign to layout products, such as worksheets and postcards, as well as working with teams of editors, authors and advisors. The products are English products used in schools to teach English to German pupils.

Wortwahl is a company based in Neu Isenburg close to Frankfurt. They work with words – making sure that emails, social media posts and the like have the right tone for their target audience. Though they mainly work with German texts, they are now spreading their wings to English and I proofread their English texts to make sure that they are correct in terms of language, yet still stand out from the crowd and inform and entertain customers.

As a freelance technical writer, I work for Yatta. They’re a software consulting company and I help them in all things English. From proofreading and writing texts to supporting them in creating their company language code.