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June 2017 in pictures

Half way through the year already. Crazy! In June, I went back home for a week to see family and also spend a few days in London with Tim and his mum. All in all, an absolutely boiling month, and I’m actually quite happy it’s cooled down a little here in Frankfurt!

05/06 – Visiting a friend to celebrate their engagement, and they have a huge cherry tree growing over their balcony!
09/06 – Work meeting in Göttingen and I found these in the mini bar… (didn’t take them, but it was tempting).
10/06 – The Bergerstraßenfest with Tim and Susanne!
12/06 – Arrived in England and witnessed my first new pound coin – basically a Euro coin…
12/06 – And of course I got to see Lola!
14/06 – A trip to London started off with a walk through Hyde Park.
14/06 – We were truly lucky with the weather.
18/06 – A visit to see this little one who is now 8 months… wow!
23/06 – Look at my streak of strikes! (I seriously don’t know how I managed it.)
27/06 – Panic bells started ringing as my cactus, Chuff, decided to have another baby. Uh-oh.

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