Zooming through Zürich

And then comes my personal favourite - meaning it was such a shame we only had just under 24 hours here! After four days in Austria and five days in Italy, we took the train from Desenzano, via Milan, and arrived in Zürich. What a city! Our hotel was a small ibis budget hotel (because… Continue reading Zooming through Zürich


Being shown-a Verona

Sorry for the rubbish pun. It took me a while to think of it, eventually with help from an online rhyming dictionary. Tim had actually already been in Verona and became the tour guide for the day, so the title does kind of fit! Admittedly, Verona was the least exciting place we went to on… Continue reading Being shown-a Verona


Descovering Desenzano del Garda

On the way to Desenzano, we changed over in Verona and everything went smoothly, which is unusual for me I didn't complain. The weather was glorious! On the first night, we just had a stroll along the lake and went for some pizza. When in Rome! (Well, north of Italy at least). On our first… Continue reading Descovering Desenzano del Garda


Austria, Italy and Switzerland

At the end of July, we jetted off (well, on a train) to various locations for our summer holidays. In total, we were actually only 10 days away, but due to us jumping from one place to another, it weirdly felt a lot longer. I've decided to write about each place in a separate blog… Continue reading Austria, Italy and Switzerland

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What to do (and not to do) in Germany

Including my year abroad in Hannover, I've now been living in Germany for over three years. Woah. Over these years, I've become accustomed to doing things that are accepted and expected in Germany. I've also got used to not doing things that are not accepted and certainly not expected (and I'm talking things that may… Continue reading What to do (and not to do) in Germany

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A German’s first time in Britain

(Just to note, as per: This article is not meant to cause any offence - it's purely all meant as a joke, of course!) Ah, Germans. Aren't they great? With their Hausschuhe and their Brötchen... I wrote a nice little post about them a few weeks ago which you can read here. But, what happens when… Continue reading A German’s first time in Britain

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October 2015 in pictures

October has been a very exciting month, and looking back at all the photos it actually seemed to last a while, but in a good way. We celebrate the 25th anniversary of the reunification of Germany, had some pretty nice sunsets in Frankfurt, and I finally visited my first country in Scandinavia - Denmark! There's… Continue reading October 2015 in pictures