Zooming through Zürich

And then comes my personal favourite – meaning it was such a shame we only had just under 24 hours here! After four days in Austria and five days in Italy, we took the train from Desenzano, via Milan, and arrived in Zürich. What a city!

Our hotel was a small ibis budget hotel (because Zürich is a very expensive city, as is Switzerland in general, I’ve been told), so we walked about half an hour to it and then headed straight back into the city to a burger place, Burgermeister, which was at the time the top restaurant in Zürich on Tripadviser. The prices were decent (for Switzerland) and the food was great – I’d recommend it if you’re in Zürich and don’t want to be going overboard with spending on food!

After a long train trip, burgers were just what we needed!

After dinner, we went for a stroll through the city and slowly made our way to Lake Zürich, which was just amazing. There was something special about it with us being in quite a big city, yet there being a huge lake smack bang in the middle of it. With it being a Friday, there were loads of people sat along the lake having drinks and dinner – the atmosphere was great!

One moment you’re in a bustling city, the next in a quiet park!
Crossing the river.
Hello, Züricher See!
It was the place to be on a Friday apparently!

We strolled along the lake to see what we would come across as the sun slowly started setting. We walked through a park along the lake where people were barbecuing and generally enjoying the peace (it was weird to think we were only a 5/10 minute walk from the city!). Eventually we found a beer garden where a beer cost around 6/7 euros, so we just had one each. It would have been rude not to! After the beer, we headed back the way we came back to the hotel absolutely knackered on our last evening of our holiday.

Smiling through the pain of knowing how much each sip cost.
The moon eventually made an appearance.
Zürich by night.

The next day, we got up and headed for brunch at the train station as we waited for our train. We had a bit of time to have a walk around the train station, and there’s only one word to describe it – spotless. I’ve never been to a main train station that was so clean!

I also found it quite hard to understand some of the people we spoke to in Zürich, with their Swiss German. I had to sometimes guess what people were saying, and most of the time I sent Tim to order stuff (and even he, as a native German, didn’t understand one or two things – that made me feel a lot better about the years I’ve spent learning German!).

I was quite sad to leave the city after being there for just 22 hours-ish. I definitely need to go again soon for a longer period of time. If only it wasn’t so darn expensive…

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