Being shown-a Verona

Sorry for the rubbish pun. It took me a while to think of it, eventually with help from an online rhyming dictionary. Tim had actually already been in Verona and became the tour guide for the day, so the title does kind of fit!

Admittedly, Verona was the least exciting place we went to on our trip. We must’ve been there around 3 hours in total. It seemed to be full of tourists and I wondered a lot of the time why people came to Verona and not to another place like Venice.

There’s a link to Shakespeare, with Romeo & Juliet being based in Verona. We followed the crowds and waited for about 5/10 minutes in a crowd of people to get into a small enclosed area with a balcony, which is apparently the balcony that Juliet stood on and shouted down for Romeo. There’s just apparently no proof that Shakespeare even visited Italy. And it was a play anyway. As you can tell, I just didn’t really get the hype. I did enjoy a good ice cream though, and the arena in the middle of the town was pretty cool! We also came across a small market on the way back from the balcony which was nice.

Entering the city.
The crowds of people suggested what we were about to see was going to be pretty impressive…
… Oh. I guess the “link” to Romeo & Juliet is cool!
Just as we got to the small market.
Arena di Verona

After a brief visit, it was time to head back to Desenzano.

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