Venturing off to Venice

In total, we must’ve been about 5-and-a-half hours in Venice. When we’d initially booked the train tickets, I was a little sceptical at having such a short amount of time in a brand new city. But it actually was enough, and we were even already back at the train station for about 20 minutes waiting for the train back.

After a very comfortable 90-minute train journey from Desenzano (the seats were so comfy!), we arrived in Venice and were greeted by a bustling train station full of tourists wearing cheap sun hats made of paper (OK so maybe I got one too in Venice).

We basically spent the day walking round, over bridge after bridge after bridge. It was quite an amazing city, with its tiny, narrow streets and tall buildings. It was pretty much a labyrinth, and we just spend the first hour or so walking up and down several streets as we took in the atmosphere.

Walking over our first bridge!
Really weird to have canals instead of roads.
Canal after canal after canal.
Some very narrow streets.

Eventually we found the main tourist square – St Mark’s Square. It was absolutely packed with tourists. There were people queuing up to get inside some admittedly pretty amazing looking buildings, but we didn’t have the time nor the patience to stand in the heat for hours to have a quick walk around a building, so we carried on aimlessly wandering around the city.

Pretty impressive, but the queues were just a bit too much for us.
Walking away from St. Mark’s Square to somewhere a little less busy.

After more wandering around, we found a small cafe and had ice coffees as we waited for our train back. On the way back to the train station, I caved in and bought one of the daft hats that a lot of people were wearing. It screamed “tourist”, but at least my head was protected from the sun (he says after he bought it after walking around Venice for hours…).

The taxis were boats. Which, I guess, is kind of logical. But it was still pretty cool!
Every now and then you came across a bigger canal which was quite exciting.
I think this was the Grand Canal in front of the train station.
Me and my new purchase, in front of an unusually modern bridge near the train station.

And then it was time to head back to Desenzano!

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