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August 2017 in pictures

Whilst I’m currently an evacuee in Cologne whilst they defuse a bomb near my flat in Frankfurt, I have my laptop with me (in case it doesn’t go to plan in Frankfurt), so I thought I’d do my “August 2017 in pictures” post – seen as I have nothing else better to do than sit desperately watching the live reports from Frankfurt. Gulp. It’ll be fine! …

Anyway, here are some photos from August 2017 – enjoy!

04/08 – Belinda came to visit! Whaleoilbeefhooked!
05/08 – Belinda and I stayed at home a little hungover. I popped to the loo. Suddenly I hear: “Uh… Dan? Dan?! Dan! Aaah!” and there was a complete torrential downpour out of nowhere! Poor washing…
11/08 – Summer wouldn’t be summer without a trip to the Wiesbadener Weinfest!
11/08 – The weather at the Weinfest wasn’t that great… but at least the wine was!
17/08 – Bahnhofsviertalnacht with Mona and co.!
19/08 – Summer would also not be summer without a quick trip to Hannover to see Elisa and go to the Maschseefest!
19/08 – Das Maschseefest!
20/08 – And of course followed the next day by coffee (and tea) and cake at the Teestübchen.

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