In Pictures

September 2017 in pictures

September was a very interesting month which started off with a bomb evacuation, as mentioned in my previous “In Pictures” post. You may have heard it in the news, but there was a WW2 bomb found in Frankfurt; 500 metres away from our flat, give or take 50 metres. So that was quite scary. And it meant we had to evacuate, so we decided on just completely leaving Frankfurt for the day and heading to Cologne for a day trip. Other than that, my mum came to visit, and I made Yorkshire puddings. So all in all, a mixed month.

03/09 – At around 6am in the morning, we left our flat due to the evacuation. Police everywhere. A very surreal feeling!
03/09 – I treated myself to Pokemon cards at the train station because we were really early due to the evacuation.
03/09 – About to head home to an unexploded Frankfurt, and of course I had to take a quick snap of the Dom!
08/09 – I saw Cas, too! (And Chleona and Jason, of course)
10/09 – I got an urge for Yorkshire pudding and gravy. Take that, Brötchen!
15/09 – At the airport!
16/09 – Taking a stroll through the Grüneburgpark.
16/09 – Frankfurt by night!
23/09 – A year later, I finally met up with Charis again. Let’s not wait a year till next time!

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