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“You do not have a heart”: Duolingo teaches insults

I am a huge fan of Duolingo. I use it every day to practise my Spanish and Swedish, and it’s got to the point now where I panic when it gets to the end of the day and I get a notification saying I should practise (my streak is around 150 days at the moment. I really just am a massive geek).

Duolingo, as you may well know, sometimes gives you the most bizarre words and phrases to practise with, so I thought I’d start collecting them as they’d make some pretty fun blog posts to have a good laugh at! (I’d also recommend following “Shit Duolingo Says” on Twitter for some really good random stuff Duolingo likes to throw at users.)

For the first “Duolingo fun” post, I’ve collected some phrases that the app has given me to offend people. Duolingo can get really sassy sometimes!

Starting off with a calmer insult:

You wouldn’t tell with the smiles!
Well, if someone said the following stuff to you, they may well not be your mate: 

How dare you!

The same character came up. She’s obviously the b*tchy Duolingo character!
And for some reason I also got a few things to talk about a female person:

Don’t forget to put your thumb up when you say this one.

And then, quite fitting, DuoLingo gave me the following phrase to learn:

At least I know how to react to insults in Spanish, too. I missed the accent because I had something in my eye…
You’ve got to love Duolingo sometimes!

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