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August 2017 in pictures

Whilst I'm currently an evacuee in Cologne whilst they defuse a bomb near my flat in Frankfurt, I have my laptop with me (in case it doesn't go to plan in Frankfurt), so I thought I'd do my "August 2017 in pictures" post - seen as I have nothing else better to do than sit… Continue reading August 2017 in pictures

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October 2016 in pictures

This year is flying by, and that was no different for October. This month, I seemed to be less into taking photos as usual, meaning there aren't that many photos to show you this month. The definite highlight of the month happened on 31st October, when I became an uncle for the second time! So… Continue reading October 2016 in pictures

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July 2015 in pictures

July was quite a fun month with not one, but two trips up t'North of Germany. I also moved a week ago and now have my own office - oooh! That did involve one or two (or three...) trips to IKEA in one day, but it was worth it, especially due to köttbullar and hot… Continue reading July 2015 in pictures


16 years later…

After being in Germany a good 11 months, it was finally time for my dad to come and visit me in Germany. The plan was initially for him to come to Frankfurt and then for us to go and visit his friends in Wolfsburg for a long weekend, but with the possibility of me having… Continue reading 16 years later…

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February 2015 in pictures

A couple of days delayed, but February has been quite an exciting month. From visiting my 15th Bundesland, to a work trip to Hamburg and another work trip to Hannover to the Didacta (the big annual education fair). Though I don't have decent photos of everything (now that I'm not doing photo-a-day anymore I sometimes… Continue reading February 2015 in pictures


When the Nürnbergers came to Frankfurt

This post is a little bit late. A week late. But this week has been a pretty hectic one for me, including a trip to the tax advisor (the explanation for which will come soon...), so I've only just had chance to sit down and write about our visit from the Nürnbergers. We met Simone… Continue reading When the Nürnbergers came to Frankfurt


100 things I’ve learnt in Frankfurt

Due to me being a complete geek with numbers (I get it off my mum!) and using one of my favourite websites - Wolfram|Alpha - I've worked out that today is my 100th day in Frankfurt. And what better way to celebrate than with a fun blog post around the number 100. Here are the 100 things… Continue reading 100 things I’ve learnt in Frankfurt