In Pictures

August 2016 in pictures

It’s been a relatively quiet month, but still with a few trips, including my favourite German city – Hannover!

I’ll just get straight to it: here is August 2016 in pictures.

05/08 – A trip to Hannover!
05/08 – The Maschseefest in Hannover.
06/08 – Second trip to Maschseefest with Herrenhäuser to go!
07/08 – My new Spanish book ready for my course starting soon. Not quite sure I’d say I’m B1 but let’s see…
10/08 – A trip to Mannheim to see Charis! Note all the Pokemon Go players… (It was great!)
10/08 – Sat having a wine (it wasn’t mine… I didn’t want to fall asleep on the way back and miss my stop)
20/08 – The Wiesbaden Wine Festival with Jutta and Jasmin!
20/08 – Wiesbadener Weinfest.
27/08 – If you could feel heat through pictures, your eyebrows might just burn off. Absolutely scorching summer heat! Though I’m not sure I really enjoyed it…
28/08 – A morning trip to the Museumsuferfest along the Main.
28/08 – Feeling proper German with a Fanta!

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