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June 2018 in pictures

To balance out the big delay of my previous post, and also because I'm probably not going to have much time later on this month due to exams, I'm already posting my blog with a collection of pictures I took in June. June was definitely a lot more successful in terms of photo taking. With… Continue reading June 2018 in pictures

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July 2016 in pictures

This month is going to seem more like a big holiday photo collection - Tim and I went to Great Britain (and it was Tim's first time there!). I'll write a more detailed post about the trip, so for now you get an overview through a random selection of photos. The first half of the… Continue reading July 2016 in pictures

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May 2016 in pictures

May has been a really good month, possibly the best of the year so far. From walking around Leipzig half drunk, half hungover after my first German wedding, to sailing in the Netherlands and having some of my college friends visit. So it's this time of the month again - May 2016 in pictures! Enjoy!

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When my mum and brother visited Frankfurt (plus bonus quotes from my brother)

Double trouble came to visit me last week for 6 whole days (well, 4 plus one evening and one morning due to late and early flights...). Anyway, I thought that therefore means I should write about their time here, purely for the last part of this blog which I enjoy sharing with you. I won't go… Continue reading When my mum and brother visited Frankfurt (plus bonus quotes from my brother)

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Das Museumsuferfest, Wiesbaden und Besuch aus Hannover

(English is below!) Guten Abend, liebe Leser. Es ist mir aufgefallen, dass ich hier noch nie auf Deutsch geschrieben habe, also ich tue das mal jetzt! Im Vergleich zu dem Jahr in Hannover schreibe ich leider dieses Jahr nicht so viel. Das heißt allerdings nicht, dass Frankfurt mir nicht gefällt, das heißt einfach, dass es… Continue reading Das Museumsuferfest, Wiesbaden und Besuch aus Hannover


I have arrived!

Guten Abend! I have arrived! And after quite a full weekend, I'm now sat watching a bit of TV - a programme that seems to be a cross between Come Dine With Me and Four In A Bed. The theme tune is Safe and Sound which made me really excited. Anyway, yeah, Frankfurt! I arrived… Continue reading I have arrived!