Vacaciones en Valencia (y Cullera)

Summer holiday post time! This year, Tim and I had a similar concept for our holiday as last year - three countries by train, though this year we started the journey by flying to Valencia. I'll keep the posts separate for each three places in case you're interested in reading just one of them. We… Continue reading Vacaciones en Valencia (y Cullera)

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8 of my favourite Spanish words

As I mentioned in my previous post, I attend a Spanish class. I started properly learning Spanish back in my last year of university in 2013 and have ever since (bar a few months when I first moved to Frankfurt) been attending weekly classes. This has led me to somehow be attending a course at… Continue reading 8 of my favourite Spanish words


Have you ever learnt two languages at once?

This is the first time I've done this kind of blog, in that it's an open question to all of you who read. I'm not sure I've mentioned it in a previous post, but I'm learning Spanish. I'm about level B1 and go to a weekly two-hour course. I started properly learning in September 2013.… Continue reading Have you ever learnt two languages at once?


January 2015 in pictures

I thought it might be nice to do a post about each month, but rather than writing what I've done, show what I've done with pictures. I used to take a photo every day, but towards the end of this month I somehow fell out of the rhythm. So I don't have a photo from… Continue reading January 2015 in pictures