10 Things I’m Looking Forward To In Frankfurt

Just 3 sleeps until I move to my second Heimatland, so I thought I’d write a small post about things I’m looking forward to after having spent a year in Hannover last year. I did consider doing a post about things I’m not looking forward to (a lack of Terry’s Chocolate Orange and the queues, for example), but I realised that that would seem very pessimistic of me. So, using my Hannover experience, here are 10 things I’m looking forward to in Frankfurt. — 1) German. The most obvious of them all, but I’m really looking forward to speaking German again. It’s going to be a huge shock to the system once more after using German only for academic purposes in the past year (bar the two trips to Hannover and Vienna), but hopefully it’ll sink in a lot quicker than it did 2 years ago when I didn’t have the faith to string one German sentence together. 2) Trams. Oh how I miss the Hannover trams. They were so handy and zippy and good. It sounds weird, I know, but it was nice not having to depend on trains or buses. In Exeter I did just walk everywhere, which was great, but when you needed to go to town for just one thing, sometimes the trek just wasn’t worth it. And I’ve been told the transport in Frankfurt is very good. So yeah, just a little excited about that, in a very geeky way. 3) Currywurst. There’s not much more to write about this one. I love Currywurst. Any recommendations on the best Currywurst in Frankfurt are very welcome.

The Currywurst museum in Berlin. I'm getting hungry now.
The Currywurst museum in Berlin. I’m getting hungry now.

4) Being the foreign one. Is that weird? Probably. But I enjoyed being the foreign one, who didn’t have to worry about what he said in German because ‘oh German isn’t his mother tongue so it’s OK’. Here in England if I pronounce a word wrong I just get laughed at (true story), but in Germany I don’t have to worry about that because they’ll probably more be like ‘awwh the poor Engländer trying his best to speak German!’ (Let’s just not tell them about the distinction in Spoken German, OK?). 5) Working. This is the first time I’ve had a proper full-time job, so I’m looking forward to that aspect a lot. I’ve heard lots of good things about the company I’m going to be working with, due to a few of the past interns also being Exeter graduates and me getting in touch with them, so I’m excited to see what it’s like to be a Diesterweg intern! 6) Christmas. I know we’re only in July but I can not wait for Christmas to arrive. I love the German Christmas markets, and it’ll be interesting to visit the markets in Frankfurt having never been to them before. My personal favourite so far are the markets in Cologne, so we’ll have to see how the two cities compare…

The Christmas Pyramid in the centre of Hannover, 2013.
The Christmas Pyramid in the centre of Hannover, 2013.

7) Big city life. (Sorry if that starts the song playing in your head, it’s now playing in mine). But yes, I’m really looking forward to finally moving back to a big city again where there’s a lot going on. Exeter, though beautiful, is so damn small. Frankfurt isn’t exactly the biggest city in the world, but I believe it’s a little bigger than Hannover, so it’s technically going to be the biggest city I’ve ever lived in. 8) The feeling when returning to England. Probably also a weird one, but I remember the excitement I got the couple of times I returned to England on my year abroad. I remember it being bizarre that everything was in English again and that everybody (whether fortunately or unfortunately) could understand you again. It’s a bit of a hard one to explain but hopefully other year abroad-ers understand what I’m on about! 9) Hugo. Tasty, tasty Hugo. I know you can get it here in England but I felt it was more popular in Germany, and it reminds me of my final months in Hannover. 10) Freedom! I’m moving to my favourite country (sorry, England), and don’t have any worries at all any more (I’m looking back at you, university work). Of course I’ll be working, and that will no doubt bring some stress at times, but I’m hoping it’ll be like the stories I’ve been told that it’s nice to go to work, then come home in the evening with no worries unlike at university when you no doubt have some form of work to do. — I’ve got myself all excited now! Should probably start packing at some point, too…

1 thought on “10 Things I’m Looking Forward To In Frankfurt”

  1. How about 10 things you’ll miss about England!
    1. My Mum
    2. My brother
    3. My Dad
    4. My sisters
    5. My Nephew
    6. Lola
    7. Frankie & Bennys
    9. Fish n chips @ Brid
    10. My MUM again cos she washes all my clothes & looks after me & thinks I’m 3yrs old again!!!

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