15 New Random German Words

Time for a blog post not just listing what I've been up to. At work, I learn a lot of German words, which was kind of expected, but there are some words I never thought I'd end up learning. At least not in a publishing house. You see, one of my tasks (which I haven't… Continue reading 15 New Random German Words


Nintendo, a new WG… and did I mention Nintendo?

Guten Abend and good evening! I am now just about half way into Week 7 of my Frankfurt life, and I am still loving every single minute of it - even the working bit, believe it or not! And already two weeks have gone by since my last post, which I myself can't quite believe. Work… Continue reading Nintendo, a new WG… and did I mention Nintendo?

Diesterweg, Frankfurt

My first working week

Well, I've now been here 9 days, and, to be honest, that has flown by. I'm getting settled in now, the flat hunt for the beginning of October isn't quite underway yet (though I do have a viewing/interview a week today, so we'll see), but generally the working life is admittedly a bit more tiring… Continue reading My first working week


10 Things I’m Looking Forward To In Frankfurt

Just 3 sleeps until I move to my second Heimatland, so I thought I'd write a small post about things I'm looking forward to after having spent a year in Hannover last year. I did consider doing a post about things I'm not looking forward to (a lack of Terry's Chocolate Orange and the queues,… Continue reading 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To In Frankfurt