My 10 Days At Home

Well then. Today’s the day (the sun is shining, the tank is clean…), and just as I expected I’m awake at 5am though I don’t need to get up ’till around 7. Luckily I went to bed a little earlier last night because I knew full well this would happen, as it always does when I’m nervous, such as exams! I remember waking up around 3am for my German AS Oral exam, and ending up watching a German programme about bull fighting on my laptop in a dire attempt to listen to as much German as possible…

Anyway, where was I?

On 20th July I arrived home, and it’s therefore only right to give Yorkshire a bit of justice and write what I’ve been up to in God’s Own Country. I’ll do it a little diary-style (just to try mix things up a bit), and you’ll even be lucky enough to see photos of my nephew towards the end!

Sunday 20th July

After a long train journey (longer than usual because it stopped in Birmingham for half an hour!) I arrived at my dad’s at around 8:30pm. So not much happened. I had pizza then went to bed, pretty much.

Monday 21st July

I went over to my mum’s and basically turned the living room into “Dan’s unpacking area”. Who knew I could accumulate that much stuff that had to be sorted after a year?!

My mum then impressed with me an American-style burger tea in these trendy holders!

With chip spice and everything!
With chip spice and everything!

Tuesday 22nd July

Unpacking woes continue and I use am nice to my little brother by giving him some clothes I don’t want, including my dinosaur onesie from all the way back in second year. Lola also decides to help with my unpacking by sitting right in the most inconvenient place she could find, of course – right between my legs.

Lola defeats the dinosaur!
Lola defeats the dinosaur!
I think she's hinting she wants to come with me to Germany or something.
I think she’s hinting she wants to come with me to Germany or something.

Wednesday 23rd July

Honestly can’t remember what I did on this day (I have no pictures). I think I just spent the day at home doing more unpacking (yes, it did really take that long. Yes, that’s because I dragged it out…).

Thursday 24th July

Finally, some exciting stuff! We went t’Hull! (OK, so not that exciting, but it beats being at home all day!). Me and my brother had a journey around Hull whilst my mum had an appointment at the hospital. We basically walked around aimlessly for a couple of hours, walking from St Stephens to Princes Quay and back. It was good fun.

In the evening, my eldest sister, Melanie, my dad and I went to our favourite local pub for some grub – Blacktoft. We all had exactly the same thing, with pheasant parcels for starter and meat pie for mains. I know I’ve woken up feeling a little ill with nerves but that actually makes me very hungry sat here typing that!

Friday 25th July

Again, the day was quite long and boring as I stayed at home all day, but that was perked up by a trip to the Indian in Selby with my dad and Gilly. Very tasty food, as always, but I purposely (and sadly) resisted getting an onion bhaji and a naan bread. That did mean, however, that I was actually able to eat the entire curry this time!

Saturday 26th July

Now the exciting stuff starts to happen! (When I say exciting, I mean I actually left the house for more than a couple of hours!). On Saturday I went to the capital of God’s Own Country, York, to see Beth who also studied and graduated this year from the University of Exeter. It was nice to see Beth again in t’North where we both originate, as well as meet a couple of her friends.

When I arrived in York, Beth was there to greet me with a big smile (as usual!) and we went for some coffee at a local cafe she had been recommended by a colleague – it was a damn good Americano! We then had a stroll around the cathedral and met up with her friends, bought picnic food from Tesco, and headed for a drive-your-own boat tour on the river. It was scary to say the least, especially with tour boats about 10 times the size of our boat being driven around us, but it was all good fun despite nearly crashing into one of those bigger tour boats.

Afterwards, we went to fully enjoy our picnic (after having nibbles on the boat) on the Minister Gardens and chatted the rest of the afternoon away.

York Minister
York Minister
Beth driving the boat!
Beth driving the boat!

Sunday 27th July

Also an exciting day with another trip to Blacktoft (it’s good, OK?!) with the Walker family which we often do when I’m home for a little while. Tasty food and wonderful company filled the afternoon, and Dad obviously got his camera out to get a few snaps, even though Finlay, my 2-year-old nephew, wasn’t too keen on sitting and smiling when there was a huge hill to be rolling down!

Melanie and Katie (and co.!) also got me a couple of presents as going-away gifts, and I just had to stick a photo of one of them on here just underneath!

Could he get more chuffin' Yorkshire?
Could he get more chuffin’ Yorkshire?
He's like a play toy!
He’s like a play toy!
A T-shirt Melanie and Katie got me. Hope you can understand it!
A T-shirt Melanie and Katie got me. Hope you can understand it! (Translation: “You can take the lad out of Yorkshire, but you can’t take Yorkshire out of the lad!”).

Monday 28th July

Though the morning/early afternoon was pretty dull, that was balanced out with a trip to see Lucy and Amy, old college friends. We’re not quite sure when the last time was that we were all together as a three, but it was definitely at least 2 years! We ordered takeaway and played cards (didn’t enjoy losing all the time), as well as enjoyed some birthday cake as it was Lucy’s birthday!

Lucy, me and Amy! I went to tickle Lucy at the time, hence why she's a bit of a blur.
Lucy, me and Amy! I went to tickle Lucy at the time, hence why she’s a bit blurry.

Tuesday 29th July

Isn’t it great living near t’seaside? Katie, Steve, Finlay and I went to the seaside, Scarborough to be exact, and had lots of fun riding on a train and having a picnic. After that, we went on to the sand and built sandcastles galore, and not to mention ‘China hole’ (a hole we dug that pretty much ended up in China). Though Finlay was least helpful by actually putting the sand back in the hole, it was a good couple of hours in the sun.

The weather started to get a bit grim (the kind of it’s-going-to-chuck-it-down-soon grim), so we decided to head to Bridlington to get fish and chips and ice cream (not all at once, mind) before heading back home. They took me back to my mum’s where Finlay and Lola met for the first time, and I think they both fell in love with each other instantly! Finlay does with all dogs so I’ve heard, but I think Lola loved the fact that there was a human just about her size who she could lick in the face if she just stood up on her two back legs!

The things we teach him...
The things we teach him…
This is his "sexy face"!
This is his “sexy face”!
Tasty ice cream at Brid.
Tasty ice cream at Brid.

Wednesday 30th July

The day was spent with my mum and my brother, Adam. Though the morning was full of packing (admittedly not as much packing as I thought I’d have to do which was a bonus! Thanks Mum for basically doing my packing for me whilst I sat and checked things off the list…), we went to Frankie & Benny’s for dinner (by which I mean “lunch”) as I always take my mum when I’m home. Adam was the only one who went for a dessert, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him move so fast as when I asked if I could have some and then pretty much scooped the entire scoop of ice cream onto my fork!

I went to go see my nanna again before going to Germany, and then had a Chinese for tea (of course, my last “English” meal as my mum said, which she soon laughed at when she realised).

If only she could actually come with me!
If only she could actually come with me!
Watch out next time or I will actually take the entire ice cream scoop...
Watch out next time or I will actually take the entire ice cream scoop…

Thursday 31st July

And that brings me to today! As I say, I was up at 5am though my alarm isn’t set until 7am. My train leaves Gilberdyke (my little village) around 8:50am, and I get to London 2-and-a-half hours later, where Ollie has said he’ll kindly meet me and help me with my stuff to the airport (London City Airport… I haven’t a clue. I need to take the DLR or something?! It’ll breet! I gave myself about 90 minutes to get to the airport, and that then means getting to the airport exactly 2 hours before my flight which I probably won’t need), so hopefully we’ll have time to grab some food somewhere before I fly.

I can’t believe today is actually the day though (it was always going to be the case, wasn’t it?). I remember getting the email back in February to say I got the job in Frankfurt, but with revision, coursework and exams standing in the way it felt like years away, when in reality it was in fact just a few months. I better go and get ready (despite being an hour ahead of schedule) as I’ll probably want to check my luggage about 5 times before I’m satisfied I have everything.

So, this is it! My next post will be written from Deutschland! It’s quite nice how, even though I am up earlier than planned due to nerves, I still feel a lot less nervous than when I went to Hannover just under 2 years ago. Admittedly we did leave the house about 4am for that which may have added to the nerves, but there’s definitely more excitement in me than then. I think I’m actually more nervous for the journey to the airport than actually moving to Germany! But, as I say, it’ll breet!

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