Mooching around Montpellier

After taking the train from Valencia, we arrived in Montpellier pretty much on time (weird for my travelling luck, but not complaining). Our hotel was perfectly located opposite the train station. We stayed at Hotel Comédie Saint Roch, All in all pretty good with friendly staff, but the breakfast was a little chaotic (I sound like a snob, but hear me out) – there was space for about 25-30 people to sit in a hotel with 69 rooms (most likely two people per room). Yeah… it was hit and miss. But hey, the food was OK if you were lucky enough to get there at the right time!

Anyway, we arrived at the hotel late afternoon, meaning we still had some time to have a wander around Montpellier to get to know the city a little bit. We set off for a nearby park and afterwards went into the city centre for some food. We ended up going for a pretty tourist trap-looking place, but hey, the food was good and wasn’t actually too expensive, so we weren’t complaining!

On our first full day, we continued our mooch around Montpellier. We came across a pretty modern area on our trek and walked along the river Le Lez. Of course, this was a holiday, so we didn’t do anything overly exciting and took everything easy. After a walk around the city and its outskirts, we went back to the hotel to chill and then headed back out for food and cocktails in the evening.

We headed to the beach the next day, which was around 15-20 minutes away by tram plus a 30-minute walk. That’s when we realised how far away Montpellier actually is from the beach… I kind of assumed it was pretty much on the coast. Apparently the small community on the beach was once asked if they wanted to become part of Montpellier, but they declined. Poor Montpellier!

After a long day at the beach and turning red (apparently three layers of suncream within 5 hours is not enough to stop me turning red), we went back to the hotel to wash away the sand (how does it get EVERYWHERE?!) and went out for pizza (very French, I know). After such a tiring day chilling (and partly sleeping and snoring and waking myself up) at the beach, we had a short stroll around the city again before calling it a night.

Our third and final full day motivated us to have a big day checking out all the sights we hadn’t yet seen. I didn’t take too many photos, but I got quite a few in Le Jardin des Plantes, which was a huge park/garden on the outskirts of the city covered in a variety of exotic plants and trees. In the evening, we went back to the restaurant we’d been on the first evening (a 3-course meal was 23 euros-ish, so why the hell not?) and had one last stroll around the city centre as the sun set.

The next day was time to say au revoir to Montpellier and bonjour to Geneva!

Generally, I was quite impressed with Montpellier, although there wasn’t exactly anything truly spectacular about the city that would need me to go back again any time soon (sorry, Cedric!). It was a nice getaway, and the beach was really nice to the south of the city, but four nights were definitely enough, if not too much, to see the city and all it has to offer.

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