Gallivanting around Geneva

The trip from Montpellier to Geneva by train was a little more chaotic than planned, with our initial train direct from Avignon to Geneva being cancelled (new word learnt: supprimé), meaning we had to take a train from Avignon to Lyon and then change there to Geneva. But we arrived just over an hour later than… Continue reading Gallivanting around Geneva


Mooching around Montpellier

After taking the train from Valencia, we arrived in Montpellier pretty much on time (weird for my travelling luck, but not complaining). Our hotel was perfectly located opposite the train station. We stayed at Hotel Comédie Saint Roch, All in all pretty good with friendly staff, but the breakfast was a little chaotic (I sound… Continue reading Mooching around Montpellier


Colmar, Strasbourg and the Castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg: A Brief Trip to Alsace, France

About a month ago, I received a text message from a friend at about 10.30pm on a Monday evening: “How spontaneous are you?”. My reply was: “Not that spontaneous at 10.30pm on a Monday evening.” Luckily, he wasn’t referring to doing something that late on a school night, but he was referring to a spontaneous… Continue reading Colmar, Strasbourg and the Castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg: A Brief Trip to Alsace, France

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A German’s first time in Britain

(Just to note, as per: This article is not meant to cause any offence - it's purely all meant as a joke, of course!) Ah, Germans. Aren't they great? With their Hausschuhe and their Brötchen... I wrote a nice little post about them a few weeks ago which you can read here. But, what happens when… Continue reading A German’s first time in Britain

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(English below!) Wenn man doppelt so viel Zeit an einem Wochenende hat, dann muss man die Zeit natürlich gut nutzen, und genau das habe ich am Osterwochenende dieses Jahr gemacht. Insgesamt habe ich die folgenden Städte zum ersten Mal besucht: Hachenburg, Porz, Zündorf und Troisdorf. Komische Kombination? Das wir sich klären... In Hachenburg hat Tim… Continue reading Osterwochenende

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Braunschweig and Hannover – Business Trip Style

It took me a lot less time than expected to get back to Niedersachsen, but I managed it, and all thanks to my work. My company's headquarters is in Braunschweig (or if we're going to properly stick to English, "Brunswick"), and I was sent there on a 3-day training course for a couple of the… Continue reading Braunschweig and Hannover – Business Trip Style