In Pictures

May 2018 in pictures

Whoops, a little on the late side. With us coming up to July already (wuuut?), I realised I should probably get my May post up before it’s already time for the June post!

As usual, I didn’t take a great deal of photos in May either. Though I did visit France which was quite exciting!

But anyway, here is a small selection which summarise my May 2018. Enjoy!

01/05 – The German tradition of “dance into May”! This year round with sparklers in a club. That seems safe.
05/05 – Chilling on the Main
09/05 – Getting very excited at the fact that the chilis actually started growing (and they still are!).
12/05 – A visit from Belinda in Mainz. Slight regret after seeing the amount of beer we ordered.
20/05 – La France! More to be read here.
25/05 – At a wedding in Sailauf. A wonderful place to get married!
30/05 – Homemade barbecue sauce. And it was actually pretty good, if I do say so myself!


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