In Pictures

June 2018 in pictures

To balance out the big delay of my previous post, and also because I’m probably not going to have much time later on this month due to exams, I’m already posting my blog with a collection of pictures I took in June. June was definitely a lot more successful in terms of photo taking. With many trips to the wine market, a go karting and mini golf trip and finishing off the month with an Indie Rock cruise along the Main, it was a pretty fun month indeed!

02/06 – The season of warm wine market trips begins! (And the season for cold wine market trips is behind us.)
17/06 – Two days after Mexico beat Germany I held a presentation… used the phrase “Mexico beats Germany’ as an example… too soon? (Nah)
20/06 – My chillis had a growth spurt.
20/06 – And now growing rocket too!
22/06 – We went go karting!
22/06 – Third place… so close to being second (and the guy in first place we didn’t know and was obviously a pro!)
23/06 – Oh. (Still no baked beans…)
23/06 – Deutschland vs. Sweden! That was close.
30/06 – Indie Rock Cruise on the Main!
30/06 – A wonderful day for a cruise, that’s for sure.

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