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8 of my favourite Spanish words

As I mentioned in my previous post, I attend a Spanish class. I started properly learning Spanish back in my last year of university in 2013 and have ever since (bar a few months when I first moved to Frankfurt) been attending weekly classes. This has led me to somehow be attending a course at level B1, which kind of happened when I blinked (A1 and A2 always seem like fun and games, then B suddenly feels like it gets all serious)!

As a language geek, there are some Spanish words I’ve learnt throughout the years that I love, and in this post I want to share them with you!



English: storm, German: Gewitter/Sturm

What a powerful word! It makes me think of the sky being tormented by something, hence why a storm breaks out. Or at least that’s my little story of how to remember the word – and it’s worked!



English: finger/toe, German: Finger/Zeh

What I like about the word ‘dedo is that it can be used for both fingers and toes. I’m not sure if there’s a specific way to differentiate between the two or if you just assume what is being spoken about from the context, but it definitely saves one word you have to learn when the topic of body parts comes up!



English: great, German: großartig

This word is used to describe something you think is great, and I think I like it because it just reminds me of the word ‘stupid’ which, really, is the opposite of what it actually means.



English: quite, German: ziemlich

Quite a common word, but you may be able to guess what I thought of when I first saw this word written down. Maybe it’s just my mind! I still see it now when I read or hear the word.



English: smile, German: Lächeln

This is probably my favourite Spanish word. The Spanish word for ‘smile’ is, as above, ‘sonrisa’, which sounds a lot like ‘sunrise’ – so when you smile, it’s like the sun rising! N’awwh!

A flashback to the wonderful sonrisa at the Maschsee in Hannover back in July 2013. Those were the days!



English: tell me it, German: sag es mir

This one is a strange one. It literally translates to ‘say (it) me’ and you say it when you answer the phone. So you don’t really start with something like “Hi, Dan speaking”, rather, you’d just say “Tell me” as soon as you answer. It gets you straight to the point, I guess!



English: jellyfish, German: Qualle

This is (personally) a very cool word, as I assume it links to the mythical Medusa with snakes for hair – kind of what a jellyfish looks like with its tentacles!



English: lighthouse, German: Leuchturm

I like this word because you could say that the light of a lighthouse shines very FAR-O. Get it? A really bad pun, but I’m now never going to forget how to say lighthouse in Spanish!


Do you have any favourite words in Spanish, or in any other language for that matter? It would be interesting to hear what kind of words you all like and why!

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