In Pictures

January 2017 in pictures

January seemed to actually go quite slowly, yet I apparently didn’t have too many photo opportunities. I did, however, spend the first minutes of Frankfurt on the streets getting quite scared of all the fireworks being set off by everybody , though I was told the fireworks we were near were a bit boring. Hm. I found it exciting enough!

So here is my, rather limited, photo collection of January 2017.

02/01 – Snow!
06/01 – My first attempt at a homemade white lasagna sauce (spontaneously decided last minute when I decided crème fraîche really doesn’t make a great topping) – it was a success! (Phew!)
10/01 – It didn’t stop snowing for a
14/01 – One highlight was genuinely me playing Sims drinking wine by myself on a Saturday night. It was just too cold outside to do anything!
16/01 – I decided I wanted to start learning a new language and this is the list of languages the Frankfurter Volkshochschule offers. How the hell are you supposed to decide?! (Though I went for Swedish in the end!)
19/01 – “Brr!” says Siri. “F*cking hell it’s absolutely freezing!”, say I.

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