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“I think my pig’s whistling!”: Bizarre German animal words and phrases

It's been a long time since I wrote a language post, but I've been collecting words and phrases over the months and could quite a few posts at long last! I have noticed that a few of the words and phrases I have collected use animals, yet - most of the time - the words… Continue reading “I think my pig’s whistling!”: Bizarre German animal words and phrases

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10 Food Idioms in English

I write a lot about the German language in my blog, but whilst reading an article the other day and seeing the phrase "He was egged on", it occurred to me how much fun the English language can be, too. To a non-native, you might look at the egg-sentence and wonder what the hell happened… Continue reading 10 Food Idioms in English

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German: The aggressive language

If you can't speak German, there's a chance you might think of it as an aggressive language. You may think it sounds aggressive because you make links to certain people from the past, but, funnily enough, no, it's not an aggressive language. You could easily make English sound aggressive, for example - it just depends… Continue reading German: The aggressive language