‘Uit’ and About in Utrecht

Last weekend, I headed (initially as a surprise which didn't turn out as a surprise) to the Netherlands to see Leigh, one of my bestest buddies who I met back at college in German class. Last year, she moved to Utrecht, or a little town nearby, and after seeing that there are direct trains from… Continue reading ‘Uit’ and About in Utrecht

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May 2016 in pictures

May has been a really good month, possibly the best of the year so far. From walking around Leipzig half drunk, half hungover after my first German wedding, to sailing in the Netherlands and having some of my college friends visit. So it's this time of the month again - May 2016 in pictures! Enjoy!


Sailing in the Netherlands – Pfingsten 2016

Last weekend, I went sailing in the Netherlands with one of our authors, Susanne, who goes every year over Pfingsten (Pentecost). I'm compiled all the pictures below. There were 13 of us altogether and I was very excited as it was the first ever trip to the Netherlands (I probably drove through or something at… Continue reading Sailing in the Netherlands – Pfingsten 2016


The end of another chapter.

Hello readers, both new and old (hoping I get at least one person who's reading who read my previous blog, not including my mum)! I'm going to start this off with a very brief introduction for those new readers - I'm Dan (as you've probably guessed from the blog title), and as of 3 days… Continue reading The end of another chapter.