“Kölle Alaaf!”: Useful Words and Phrases for the ‘Fifth Season’

Tach! The time for Karneval is upon us again so I thought it would be fitting to give you a few words and phrases that you might need to use, or at least understand, if you found yourself celebrating what is known as 'the fifth season' this year. Pretty much every year, I head to… Continue reading “Kölle Alaaf!”: Useful Words and Phrases for the ‘Fifth Season’

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February 2017 in pictures

February was quite an exciting month, mainly because of one thing: Karneval! With Tim being a Kölner, I went with him for the second year to celebrate Germany's 'fifth season', as they call it, which basically saw us drink and eat sweets all day every day. Other than that, there was also the didacta again… Continue reading February 2017 in pictures

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February 2016 in pictures

February, according to my photos, was a little more exciting than January. The most exciting thing was most definitely Karneval, which I spent in Cologne. Despite the huge queues for the toilets (which was no fun after you'd had a few beers and broke the seal). Of course February also Pancake Day which a Brit… Continue reading February 2016 in pictures

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January 2016 in pictures

A little on the late side, but I'm going to power through January to April now in four separate posts. After looking through my photos from January... well, let's just say, it seems like a pretty boring month. Two of my weekends were work meetings, and generally I didn't take that many photos. So here… Continue reading January 2016 in pictures