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January 2018 in pictures

I'm now coming up to the end of my first semester of my masters, and I'm nearly done with all exams - four down, one to go! As a little breather in between revision sessions (Who am I kidding? I bought Civilisation VI today and played that instead. Yes I will regret it later), I… Continue reading January 2018 in pictures

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July 2015 in pictures

July was quite a fun month with not one, but two trips up t'North of Germany. I also moved a week ago and now have my own office - oooh! That did involve one or two (or three...) trips to IKEA in one day, but it was worth it, especially due to köttbullar and hot… Continue reading July 2015 in pictures

Frankfurt, In Pictures

March 2015 in pictures

I haven't had any time to write a full post this month, so we'll have to make do with a summary blog of the month - in pictures! And thus ends the third month of 2015, and the final month of my internship. Tomorrow is my first day as a freelancer. Ich bin gespannt...