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October 2015 in pictures

October has been a very exciting month, and looking back at all the photos it actually seemed to last a while, but in a good way. We celebrate the 25th anniversary of the reunification of Germany, had some pretty nice sunsets in Frankfurt, and I finally visited my first country in Scandinavia - Denmark! There's… Continue reading October 2015 in pictures


Chuffin’ ‘ell! Me mum came t’Frankfurt!

"Oh, I say! My mum came to Frankfurt!" As a pre-celebration of her birthday, my mum came for a long weekend to visit me in Frankfurt (where I've been living for over 7 months now.. wow!) to see how German life is treating me. This was the first time ever my mum has flown by… Continue reading Chuffin’ ‘ell! Me mum came t’Frankfurt!