You can take the man out of Britain…

... but you can't take the Britain out of the man. I've been in Frankfurt for over two years now. There are many things I've had to get used to living here, but there are some things, bar my slight British twang in my German accent, that would make anybody notice a mile away that I'm… Continue reading You can take the man out of Britain…

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A German’s first time in Britain

(Just to note, as per: This article is not meant to cause any offence - it's purely all meant as a joke, of course!) Ah, Germans. Aren't they great? With their Hausschuhe and their Brötchen... I wrote a nice little post about them a few weeks ago which you can read here. But, what happens when… Continue reading A German’s first time in Britain

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February 2015 in pictures

A couple of days delayed, but February has been quite an exciting month. From visiting my 15th Bundesland, to a work trip to Hamburg and another work trip to Hannover to the Didacta (the big annual education fair). Though I don't have decent photos of everything (now that I'm not doing photo-a-day anymore I sometimes… Continue reading February 2015 in pictures