Being shown-a Verona

Sorry for the rubbish pun. It took me a while to think of it, eventually with help from an online rhyming dictionary. Tim had actually already been in Verona and became the tour guide for the day, so the title does kind of fit! Admittedly, Verona was the least exciting place we went to on … More Being shown-a Verona

In(n) Innsbruck

So, we arrived in Innsbruck, quite taken aback at the huge mountains surrounding the city. We headed to the hotel (and we somehow managed to get a good offer on a really nice hotel, even to the point where I was worried we were at the wrong place when we rocked up). But I wasn’t … More In(n) Innsbruck

June 2017 in pictures

Half way through the year already. Crazy! In June, I went back home for a week to see family and also spend a few days in London with Tim and his mum. All in all, an absolutely boiling month, and I’m actually quite happy it’s cooled down a little here in Frankfurt!