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December 2018 in pictures

Lo and behold, 2018 is over. As I've noticed I've been relying heavily on these picture posts to write anything at all on my blog the past few months, this is going to be the last pictures post I do (of course, I had to complete the year first!). From now on, I'll focus on… Continue reading December 2018 in pictures


Gallivanting around Geneva

The trip from Montpellier to Geneva by train was a little more chaotic than planned, with our initial train direct from Avignon to Geneva being cancelled (new word learnt: supprimé), meaning we had to take a train from Avignon to Lyon and then change there to Geneva. But we arrived just over an hour later than… Continue reading Gallivanting around Geneva


Mooching around Montpellier

After taking the train from Valencia, we arrived in Montpellier pretty much on time (weird for my travelling luck, but not complaining). Our hotel was perfectly located opposite the train station. We stayed at Hotel Comédie Saint Roch, All in all pretty good with friendly staff, but the breakfast was a little chaotic (I sound… Continue reading Mooching around Montpellier


Vacaciones en Valencia (y Cullera)

Summer holiday post time! This year, Tim and I had a similar concept for our holiday as last year - three countries by train, though this year we started the journey by flying to Valencia. I'll keep the posts separate for each three places in case you're interested in reading just one of them. We… Continue reading Vacaciones en Valencia (y Cullera)


‘Uit’ and About in Utrecht

Last weekend, I headed (initially as a surprise which didn't turn out as a surprise) to the Netherlands to see Leigh, one of my bestest buddies who I met back at college in German class. Last year, she moved to Utrecht, or a little town nearby, and after seeing that there are direct trains from… Continue reading ‘Uit’ and About in Utrecht