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December 2016 in pictures

December is over and with that another year! After a delayed flight (i.e. two flight cancels and another 105-minute delay) I finally made it back to Germany a day later than planned on the 31st and got to spend my first New Year here. I also celebrated into my birthday at the start of the… Continue reading December 2016 in pictures

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November 2016 in pictures

November saw me take part in Movember for the third time (Click here to check out my profile), and this time I spiced it up (or rather, spiced it down) by giving up meat for the month too. Compared to last year where I had a McDonalds on 1st November and therefore gave up, this… Continue reading November 2016 in pictures
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Typical German reactions to everyday scenarios

Those Germans, eh? Being a Brit, there are some things they do that I don't quite understand, but I still love them. I mean, I wouldn't be here if I didn't love them, of course. And, as I'm sure you're aware if you know me well, I mean in no way to cause offence with… Continue reading Typical German reactions to everyday scenarios

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May 2016 in pictures

May has been a really good month, possibly the best of the year so far. From walking around Leipzig half drunk, half hungover after my first German wedding, to sailing in the Netherlands and having some of my college friends visit. So it's this time of the month again - May 2016 in pictures! Enjoy!

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What have I had to get used to living in Germany as a Brit?

Today marks the day that I've been living in my second Heimat for exactly 22 months (I do love numbers). That is, of course, not including the 13 months I lived in Hannover before moving back to England for a year to finish my studies, but nevertheless - 22 months is quite a long time! I… Continue reading What have I had to get used to living in Germany as a Brit?

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April 2016 in pictures

And finally we're up-to-date! April itself didn't seem too exciting judging by the photos I took, but it ended absolutely fantastically with a wedding in a little village near to Leipzig. Germany's definitely good at Spring, that's for sure!  

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January 2016 in pictures

A little on the late side, but I'm going to power through January to April now in four separate posts. After looking through my photos from January... well, let's just say, it seems like a pretty boring month. Two of my weekends were work meetings, and generally I didn't take that many photos. So here… Continue reading January 2016 in pictures

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When my mum and brother visited Frankfurt (plus bonus quotes from my brother)

Double trouble came to visit me last week for 6 whole days (well, 4 plus one evening and one morning due to late and early flights...). Anyway, I thought that therefore means I should write about their time here, purely for the last part of this blog which I enjoy sharing with you. I won't go… Continue reading When my mum and brother visited Frankfurt (plus bonus quotes from my brother)