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February 2015 in pictures

A couple of days delayed, but February has been quite an exciting month. From visiting my 15th Bundesland, to a work trip to Hamburg and another work trip to Hannover to the Didacta (the big annual education fair). Though I don't have decent photos of everything (now that I'm not doing photo-a-day anymore I sometimes… Continue reading February 2015 in pictures

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Braunschweig and Hannover – Business Trip Style

It took me a lot less time than expected to get back to Niedersachsen, but I managed it, and all thanks to my work. My company's headquarters is in Braunschweig (or if we're going to properly stick to English, "Brunswick"), and I was sent there on a 3-day training course for a couple of the… Continue reading Braunschweig and Hannover – Business Trip Style

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Das Museumsuferfest, Wiesbaden und Besuch aus Hannover

(English is below!) Guten Abend, liebe Leser. Es ist mir aufgefallen, dass ich hier noch nie auf Deutsch geschrieben habe, also ich tue das mal jetzt! Im Vergleich zu dem Jahr in Hannover schreibe ich leider dieses Jahr nicht so viel. Das heißt allerdings nicht, dass Frankfurt mir nicht gefällt, das heißt einfach, dass es… Continue reading Das Museumsuferfest, Wiesbaden und Besuch aus Hannover

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Ei Gude!

"Ei Gude" is, according to the book about Frankfurt I received when I signed up as a citizen, the common greeting here in Frankfurt. But I am yet to hear it actually be used, now 22 days after arriving here. Not that I'm bothered, I'm very happy with knowing people whose accents I actually understand.… Continue reading Ei Gude!

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My first working week

Well, I've now been here 9 days, and, to be honest, that has flown by. I'm getting settled in now, the flat hunt for the beginning of October isn't quite underway yet (though I do have a viewing/interview a week today, so we'll see), but generally the working life is admittedly a bit more tiring… Continue reading My first working week