In Pictures

December 2018 in pictures

Lo and behold, 2018 is over. As I’ve noticed I’ve been relying heavily on these picture posts to write anything at all on my blog the past few months, this is going to be the last pictures post I do (of course, I had to complete the year first!). From now on, I’ll focus on more fun posts about my life in Germany, as was the original aim of this blog.

So enjoy the last “in pictures” post!

01/12 – Yearly trip to the Mainz Christmas market!
04/12 – A little birthday treat from Lisa and Sarah.
04/12 – “There isn’t any confetti in your card, I promise”, said my sister, knowing full well there was two full packets’ worth in the presents… Revenge will come…
06/12 – St. Nikolaus forgot to go shopping so Tim had to deal with stuff he found in the cupboard…
13/12 – Nintendo Plätzchen!
16/12 – The one day of snow!
16/12 – And an annual trip to the Wiesbaden Christmas market.
21/12 – As beautiful as always!
21/12 – Butter wouldn’t melt…
22/12 – A rainbow in Beverley
22/12 – Aggi refused to sit still when I got my phone out to take a photo.
23/12 – It wasn’t a great start for Ellie and Beccy, but they got the hang of it!
26/12 – My nephew got a Switch! Yay Mario Kart!
27/12 – Though I am highly considering giving up meat for good, nothing beats fish and chips… mmm…
29/12 – Waiting for me delay-free flight home!

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