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November 2018 in pictures

As the year comes to an end, the weather has got colder and I’ve grown another year older. With uni well underway, I assumed my selection of photos wouldn’t be that great, but it didn’t turn out too bad at all. Enjoy!

07/11 – I’ve no idea what I’m doing but at least I have beer.
09/11 – Chilli sin carne and Netflix. And beer, because you’ve gotta treat yourself when nobody else is home.
10/11 – Yearly trip to Hochheimer Markt, and yet again got a seat near the campfire. We stank afterwards but it was worth it!
12/11 – A visit from Cass!
17/11 – What a view!
18/11 – I’m a child and I don’t care.
26/11 – There are actual chillis growing! Woohoo!
30/11 – November means Movember, and it got itchy.
30/11 – First Aid Kit!

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