In Pictures

March 2018 in pictures

I spent the majority of March not actually in Deutschland, rather 2 weeks in England and 5 days in Budapest. That did, however, result in a very exciting month! And that was obviously helped by the fact that it’s currently Semesterferien, so I’ve had nothing to do for uni. That’s starting all again next week Monday!

Enjoy my pictures from March 2018!

02/03 – Cologne for Tim’s birthday!
06/03 – She’s scruffy but a luv her.
07/03 – A trip to York for my mum’s birthday.
07/03 – My “little” brother’s first time singing in public.
08/03 – Dinner with Anna Trotzdem!
10/03 – A trip to Birmingham to see Kate and Phoebe.
11/03 – The famous Lichfield cathedral (it’s got three spires).
18/03 – Jessica is a little confused why the go kart doesn’t belong to her!
19/03 – Om nom nom.
23/03 – In Budapest with Anna!

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