In Pictures

January 2018 in pictures

I’m now coming up to the end of my first semester of my masters, and I’m nearly done with all exams – four down, one to go! As a little breather in between revision sessions (Who am I kidding? I bought Civilisation VI today and played that instead. Yes I will regret it later), I decided to keep my blog nice and up to date with Januar 2018 in, just a few, pictures.

07/01 – I got a craving for a weird combination of food I used to eat as a kid. Chicken, pasta and gravy #northern
14/01 – I got all creative with revising and the colouring pencils came out.
14/01 – I got so creative that I left revision and built my nano blocks Charmander instead.
17/01 – It snowed! Quite a lot actually, and this was the most decent photo I took.
17/01 – I went to Ikea to look for a new chair for my office. I came out with this. At least I’d had meatballs too!
20/01 – Face paint time for the Tanzhauswest UV party!
21/01 – Shiny!

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