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November 2017 in pictures

Time has been flying since starting my masters. I’m already half way through the first semester! And because of that, I have to apologise for my lack of posts – I just haven’t found the time. Until now! Here’s a quick selection of photos from November. They’re very much food-based this month…

I also took part in Movember again in November, and also did no-meat November for the second year running. Apparently it gets easier! But still didn’t stop me from having a kebab on 1st December… om nom nom! Feel free to check out my Movember page.

01/11 – Movember begins!
04/11 – Annual trip to the Hochheimer Markt. Unfortunately this year this is the only photo I got because I got excited that the moon was so big…
IMG_4115 (1)
13/11 – Well that was an unsuccessful omelette (I’ve made better I swear!).
13/11 – A wine stand in the canteen at uni. I think I like it here!
IMG_4140 (1)
18/11 – Pasta and Netflix, yay.
25/11 – I see a pattern… (homemade AND ACCIDENTALLY SO SPICY broccoli curry, yay).
28/11 – Shephard’s Pie in the uni canteen. Not too keen… (and I still wouldn’t have been keen even I was eating meat!).
30/11 – The end of the mo’. Thanks to everyone who donated!

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