In Pictures

May 2017 in pictures

It’s… June? Woah. The year has seemingly gone by quite slowly so far, but then I blinked and May was over and done with. In May, I visited my first new country of the year – the Czech Republic. I wrote about it in a previous post. Otherwise, I’ve been enjoying (and then slowly hating) the boiling we’ve been having here in Frankfurt. Here are a few snaps from May!

07/05 – My trip to Prague which you can check out in my blog post “Czeching out Prague”.
10/05 – I came back to Prague to find out my cactus, Chuff, had had a child. Exciting, but not quite sure what to do with it when it starts growing. Help!
10/05 – I was a little early to my Spanish class so went for a walk in the sunshine. (Well, actually I found a spot in the shade because it was SO DAMN HOT!)
17/05 – I came home craving gherkins. What has become of me?
20/05 – We went for a walk in the Taunus forest.
20/05 – Clearly they couldn’t quite decide how far away Saalburg actually was from this point.
20/05 – This guy somewhere fell from a tree and landed on my shoulder. I’ll miss you, caterpillar.
20/05 – So I took a lot of photos from the walk, OK?!
25/05 – Father’s Day in Germany is a holiday, where some Germans see it as tradition to go and drink beer in a park or forest. Last year, me and Tim went for a walk in a forest with beer, and this year we just went to the park with a bunch of friends and drank beer. Oh, and there was sausage too, because, well, Germany. It was a good day!
29/05 – The sun continued to shine throughout the month so I cleared up the balcony. I had a few meals on the balcony but ended up eating up quickly because it was just too damn hot.

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