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March 2017 in pictures

What an adventurous month March was! Well, by “adventurous” I mean “I flew to England twice”. But hey, that’s four whole flights for one month. The reasons I flew home were firstly at the start of the month for my mum’s birthday (can’t believe she’s now 29!), and the second reason was my niece’s Christening at the end of the month. Other than that, Spring has officially arrived here in Frankfurt and I wore shorts for the first time yesterday, so life is pretty great right now!

Here is my summary of March, in pictures.

04/03 – I tried to wrap my mum’s presents and all Lola wanted to do was play.
06/03 – Operation ‘Blow Up All Balloons’ commences.
07/03 – Success! (Though one popped in my face (ow))
08/03 – Hej, jag heter Dan! My Swedish book arrived ready for my Swedish course (a very fun language)!
09/03 – The TV Tower with a pretty rainbow.
13/03 – Watching ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ in German, and language geek me screamed at the TV telling her: “Of course it’s the one that ends in ‘-en'”! (She had to ask the audience in the end, tut!)
14/03 – The views of sunsets from our flat are really amazing sometimes!
15/03 – The new addition to the family!
25/03 – Walking from my dad’s to my mum’s in the middle of nowhere. It’s actually quite nice to be surrounded by nothing but fields sometimes. Only sometimes.
25/03 – A selfie with my wonderful 5-month-old niece, Jessica!
26/03 – Finlay getting excited about the bouncy castle. “No adults allowed”. Apparently 25 is adult. Sigh.
26/03 – Jessica’s Christening, just before the vicar tried to drench Finlay several times.

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