In Pictures

February 2017 in pictures

February was quite an exciting month, mainly because of one thing: Karneval! With Tim being a Kölner, I went with him for the second year to celebrate Germany’s ‘fifth season’, as they call it, which basically saw us drink and eat sweets all day every day. Other than that, there was also the didacta again (the big exhibition fair for all things to do with education) where I got more exciting colouring pencils – this time, wax crayons, to be precise. It’s the little things.

So here is February 2017 in pictures. Enjoy!

01/02 – I couldn’t help but laugh at the photo Microsoft set to our picture.

02/02 – Saw this on a walk through the local park. Too right!

03/02 – An eerily dark blue sky at night.

04/02 – First time for everything: A Museum/Club night, where you can go have a wander around the exhibitions, and then go and enjoy a drink and a dance downstairs!

11/02 – Disco bowling as one of my birthday presents I got at the end of the last year! Look who won overall 😉

17/02 – I dared to make a Thai curry for the first time for some guests. Didn’t go too bad!

19/02 – These are the exciting wax crayons I said about. My fingers were a bit messy after that, but I felt like a big child afterwards so that was great!

24/02 – Time for Karneval! The night before, getting excited about becoming Robin Hood for a weekend.

25/02 – Karneval in Wahn, on the outskirts of Cologne! This was early on before I started feeling ill with all the sweets…

25/02 – One of my favourite parts of the parade!

26/02 – With just a small hangover, we were ready to tackle Porz, also on the outskirts of Cologne. I was more cautious with the sweets this time round!

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