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December 2016 in pictures

December is over and with that another year! After a delayed flight (i.e. two flight cancels and another 105-minute delay) I finally made it back to Germany a day later than planned on the 31st and got to spend my first New Year here. I also celebrated into my birthday at the start of the month, and had a few trips to the Christmas market. It was quite an exciting month after all! Here are some of the pictures I took. Enjoy!

05/12 – A couple of my birthday presents which I got very excited about!
08/12 – Every language has its priority.
08/12 – The Christmas tree is up!
10/12 – The Mainz Christmas Market
11/12 – The Wiesbaden Christmas Market
11/12 – We had a good spot watching over the ice rink!
16/12 – Another birthday present, and I made it all by myself! (It got messy.)
23/12 – The 6th Annual Pre-Christmas Dinner!
25/12 – Me and my brother waiting for Christmas dinner. We’re just so bonny!
26/12 – Finlay with his new trailer. Of course Jessica had to have a go in it!
28/12 – It was a bit chilly! Here a zoomed in shot of the ice on my mum’s car.
29/12 – This sums up playing games with my mum and brother (I wish).
31/12 – After planning on flying from London City on the 30th and fog cancelling my flight, here was attempt two at Heathrow the next day. I was dreading my flight being cancelled.
31/12 – It was 105 minutes delayed, but at least I was in the air flying back to Germany!
31/12 – New Year’s Eve house party. Of course Looping Louie was brought out!

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