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November 2016 in pictures

November saw me take part in Movember for the third time (Click here to check out my profile), and this time I spiced it up (or rather, spiced it down) by giving up meat for the month too. Compared to last year where I had a McDonalds on 1st November and therefore gave up, this year I managed it, and have decided I will definitely not become a vegetarian anytime soon.

I also headed home for a planned 7 days but actually 9 days, due to the Lufthansa strike. And I finally got to meet my niece, Jessica!

So here is November 2016 in pictures:

02/11 – Elisa came to stay!
05/11 – The Hochheimer Markt (after about 3 hours trying to get there…)
05/11 – Happy with Glühwein watching people over the medieval market.
10/11 – Sun shining with dark clouds.
14/11 – The Super Moon.
23/11 – The even better Moon!
26/11 – The weather was so nice in York.
26/11 – York Minster selfie!
26/11 – Feeding peanuts to the squirrels.
26/11 – The York Minster.
26/11 – My Movember attempt (thank you again to all who donated!)
27/11 – The second time I met my niece after a not-so-successful first attempt after she cried at me. Must’ve been the moustache!
30/11 – A pretty colourful evening sky.

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