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July 2016 in pictures

This month is going to seem more like a big holiday photo collection – Tim and I went to Great Britain (and it was Tim’s first time there!). I’ll write a more detailed post about the trip, so for now you get an overview through a random selection of photos.

The first half of the month was spent in Frankfurt as usual. I had a couple of work trips, one in Hamburg and one in Kassel, meaning the first few weekends weren’t the most photogenic, but I also got chance to go to the Frankfurt Christopher Street Day.

So here are the photos of July 2016! (I realise I’m wearing the same T-shirt in a few photos but pleased be assured my mum did wash my clothes a couple of times while I was home during the two-week trip… (thanks, Mum!))

02/07 – A rainbow on the way back from a work trip in Hamburg!
06/07 – After-work drinks along the Main.
11/07 – Some pretty epic clouds forming over Frankfurt.
14/07 – Of course…
16/07 – Frankfurter CSD!
16/07 – Part of the group during CSD.
16/07 – After a hectic day at the CSD. we went for drinks along the Main.
17/07 – First day in Britain and OF COURSE we go to Wagamama with Belinda! (It was also really hot so excuse the sweating.)
18/07 – An evening stroll along the Thames to see Tower Bridge.
20/07 – From one bridge to the next! Tim and my mum in front of the Humber Bridge.
21/07 – A trip to the seaside in Scarborough with my little nephew, digging a hole to China.
22/07 – Our trip took us to Blackpool to see my cousin, Hannah. Here we are stood on the pier with the Eiffel, uh, Blackpool Tower in the background.
23/07 – And on to Scotland! Very much enjoyed this sign in Edinburgh.
23/07 – I didn’t however enjoy the minor panic of this money coming out of the cash machine!
24/07 – We met up with David who said we should walk up this hill to get a good view. A lot easier said than done!
24/07 – It was worth the view though!
24/07 – The Elephant House: The “Birthplace” of Harry Potter.
24/07 – Edinburgh Castle.
24/07 – Another view of Edinburgh from up above.
24/07 – A day trip to St. Andrews
25/07 – Haggis, Neeps and Tatties. Delicious!
25/07 – A quick trip to the little fishing town of Crail, getting blinded by the bright sun.
27/07 – A trip to Hull and we came across these near the Mariner. Proper Hull speak that! (Clockwise from top left: Slang for “pouring it down”, “Got it for nothing”, “Hessle Road”, “Coca Cola”, “Radio Humberside”)
28/07 – A trip to Bolton Abbey with Ellie and Beccy. Everyone but Tim chose the stepping stones (across the surprisingly deep water) over the bridge.
28/07 – Excited for our British picnic!
28/07 – A quick stop-off at Castleford for a coffee. Note how Tim’s walking off in embarrassment…
29/07 – Our last full day in Yorkshire took us to the capital of Yorkshire itself – the sunny town of York!
29/07 – And the day ended with a trip to The House of Trembling Madness for a drink with Lucy.
30/07 – Our final day in England was spent back in London with a random mixture of friends, and it was a brilliant way to finish our 2-week British adventure!

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