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January 2016 in pictures

A little on the late side, but I’m going to power through January to April now in four separate posts.

After looking through my photos from January… well, let’s just say, it seems like a pretty boring month. Two of my weekends were work meetings, and generally I didn’t take that many photos. So here are a few from the first month of the year.

02/01 – Back at home in England on a road trip with some of my closest friends. Leigh (in the middle) doesn’t usually look like that, promise.
04/01 – I went digging in my mum’s closet for a suitcase and this happened…
07/01 – My WiiFit decided to be blunt about the amount I ate over the Christmas period.
08/01 – But enough about WiiFit, look at this tasty dessert! Working trips have their perks.
15/01 – I’m not sure what this book is about and I’m not too sure I want to find out.
22/01 – I decided to be creative and made a colourful meal. Salmon, pesto with sout cream and (if I remember rightly) homemade coleslaw with beetroot.
27/01 – My costume for Karneval in Cologne came and I got really excited!

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