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February 2016 in pictures

February, according to my photos, was a little more exciting than January. The most exciting thing was most definitely Karneval, which I spent in Cologne. Despite the huge queues for the toilets (which was no fun after you’d had a few beers and broke the seal).

Of course February also Pancake Day which a Brit can’t miss, regardless of the country he’s in, and the annual didacta took place in Cologne, too, which is the educational fair in Germany. The month ended with a work trip to Lüneburg in the north of Germany where I did my exchange back in 2008. The hotel was rather nice, I must say!

06/02 – Day one of Karneval started very nicely with wonderful weather.
06/02 – All dressed up happy with beers and sweets.
07/02 – Kölsch for “The parade is coming”!
09/02 – Pancake Day!
16/02 – didacta in Cologne. A very exciting event!
16/02 – We came out of the didacta to this view of the Cologne Cathedral.
20/02 – Voting in Frankfurt for the first time was all fun and games until this sheet came out of the envelope.
27/02 – Our hotel was on the river in Lüneburg. Very pretty!

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