Frankfurt, In Pictures

April 2016 in pictures

And finally we’re up-to-date! April itself didn’t seem too exciting judging by the photos I took, but it ended absolutely fantastically with a wedding in a little village near to Leipzig. Germany’s definitely good at Spring, that’s for sure!

09/04 – View from the balcony. Sunny at last!
09/04 – Post wine market drinks.
10/04 – A walk through Grüneburgpark.
10/04 – Trying to be a photographer in Grüneburgpark in Frankfurt.


22/04 – On a work trip (I seem to do that a lot), this time to Bremen. This was the view from the hotel window!
29/04 – Arrived in Machern ready for the wedding. This was the view from the hotel window. The couple got married in the castle on the left!
29/04 – After the ceremony and before dinner, we were offered a tour of the park in Machern, the Schloßpark. A really cool idea for a wedding day, and also a really nice tour!
29/04 – The sun starts to set towards the end of the tour.
29/04 – We wrote wishes on balloons and let them fly off into the air outside. There were white and blue balloons and it took about 5 minutes for me to finally get a blue one, hence the very happy face.

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