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November and December 2015 in pictures (and an apology…)

Dear readers,

Long time, no see! And by long time I mean about half a year… oops.

I don’t really know what got in the way. Christmas, Spanish classes, Walking Dead… and generally working life. Life seems to kind of fly by when you get stuck in a routine.

Just this evening I got a comment on my last post from Safia who asked what happened to 2016, which made me realise I didn’t even get round to finishing 2015. After how successful my Year Abroad blog was (I’m still getting around 25 views a day which I’m pretty impressed with!), it would be silly to give this one up so easily. Sure, the posts may not be as exciting compared to when I blogged having only 12 hours a week of work, but it’s at least worth a try.

So, I’m back! And to speed things up just a little bit, here are the highlights of November and December 2015.


01/11 – On our way back from Copenhagen, via Hamburg (and McDonalds…)
02/11 – Believe it or not – this is Frankfurt! In the Grüneburgpark.
04/11 – Frankfurt was definitely feeling very autumn-y.
05/11 – Awwh… don’t you just love it when Deutsche Bahn delays your train and even decides to not go to Stuttgart when you want to get to the airport there? Why alway me…?
05/11 – But never fear! I made it to the airport on time. At least my flight wasn’t wancelled like this one. Tehe.
09/11 – Spent a couple of days with some friends in York. A very pretty city!
09/11 – The Shambles, York.
14/11 – Back in Frankfurt and we get a lovely visitor from Hannover. We show her the best of Frankfurt: the weekly wine market. (Well, it also sells other stuff, but we really just go for the wine…)
27/11 – Oh, and I also did Movember!
07/12 – My mum came to Frankfurt to celebrate my birthday with me! It was discount night at one of my favourite places – Sausalitos!
09/12 – Ah, wait, maybe this is the reason I slowed down on the blog posting…
13/12 – Christmaaaas! In Mainz.
20/12 – These two troublemakers came to visit me before we flew home together for Christmas. Here we’re in Wiesbaden! And I needed a hair cut really bad.
20/12 – Wiesbaden from the top of a ferris wheel.
25/12 – Christmas morning madness!
26/12 – Visiting my nephew on Boxing Day. He’s now 4!

I’ll attempt a quick update of January, February and March of 2016 some point later this week.

Thanks for reading!

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