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When my mum and brother visited Frankfurt (plus bonus quotes from my brother)

Double trouble came to visit me last week for 6 whole days (well, 4 plus one evening and one morning due to late and early flights…). Anyway, I thought that therefore means I should write about their time here, purely for the last part of this blog which I enjoy sharing with you.

I won’t go into details, but here are the six days summarised:

Wednesday: The two arrived at around 9:30pm. Due to jetlag (my brother’s words) it wasn’t long until we hit the hay for the day.

Thursday: We barely did anything because it chucked it down all day. My mum and I went grocery shopping. In the evening we bought ‘Tammy’ on DVD – a very good film. Wine was of course involved!

Friday: At last, some decent weather! We went for lunch with my colleagues and headed into the city to finally have a look around. We climbed the Main Tower and went to have a look at the giant Euro sign. We also had ice cream in an Eiscafé, so all was well! That evening was possibly also the introduction of the card game ‘Wizard’ which proved addictive and made us all really competitive. Wine was, of course, involved.

Mum and happy-looking Adam on top of the Main Tower.
Mum and happy-looking Adam on top of the Main Tower.
Mum and a finally-happy-looking Adam in front of the Euro sign.
Mum and a finally-happy-looking Adam in front of the Euro sign.

Saturday: Along with Tim who kindly took us by car, we headed to the Lohrberg and enjoyed a drink at the top at a small restaurant. We’d had a bit of a slow start so after a few hours there we were ready to head home and chill for the rest of the evening, buying some pizzas from the supermarket and Mum miraculously fitting all four into the oven at once. How do mums do it? Oh, and wine, at least for me, was not involved. Ouch, my head!

Adam posing on the Lohrberg.
Adam posing on the Lohrberg.

Sunday: I decided I’d show my mum and Adam not one, but two new cities – Mainz and Wiesbaden. Both can be travelled to using the Hessen Ticket (33€ in total for up to 5 people for the whole day!). We started off in Mainz and enjoyed drinks along the manmade beach along the river, where a wasp scared my brother and thus made him spill his Eiskaffee all over his shorts. After sharing a pizza and having drinks in an Irish pub at the train station, we caught the train to Wiesbaden where we met with Jutta, one of my colleagues, who kindly gave us a tour of Wiesbaden, including taking the train, powered by water, up to the top of Neroberg. Then, it was time for the last day of the Wine Festival in Wiesbaden. Despite the rain, we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

The Rhine in Mainz.
The Rhine in Mainz.
Selfie on top of Neroberg!
Selfie on top of Neroberg!
The Weinfest in Wiesbaden.
The Weinfest in Wiesbaden.

Monday: The last full day. We took it easy and went to the Frankfurter Zoo which, to be honest, was appalling. I won’t go into details, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Don’t waste your money or your time. Anyway. In the evening (later than planned due to another game of Wizard), we went to Sachsenhausen – not to the clubs, to the restaurants. We went to a typical German/Frankfurter restaurant and wined and dined on Apfelwein and Schnitzels, Fleischkäse and more!

Tuesday: We got up at 4am and drove to the airport. It was early. But the two caught their flight with plenty of spare time and managed to get home safely from Manchester afterwards.

So my time with my mum and brother was good fun, and I didn’t expect any less. They’re of course very welcome to come back again soon! Especially Adam, who’s going to provide the entertainment in this blog. You see, he sometimes (OK, often) says the most bizarre and daft things, and sometimes I can’t help but write them down to tell people later. So here are some of my favourites from what he said during his time here in Frankfurt:

My mum, Adam and I were alone in the flat.

Adam: Dan, is someone in the bathroom?
Me: I’m not sure, you’ll have to check.
Adam tries to open the door to find it’s locked.
Adam: Yeah, there’s someone in there. (3-second pause) Where’s Mum?

My mum, Adam and I were having ice cream sundaes in an ice cream café. Adam had been playing Sims 4 on my computer the day before. We had just been to the Main Tower, had lunch with my colleagues, had a walk through a park, and were heading to the river after the café.

Me: So, what’s your favourite bit been of Frankfurt so far?
Adam: (Pointing at ice cream) This.
Me: Oh… But really?
Adam: (laughs) Yeah… Sims 4.

The three of us were in the basement and I wanted to take the stairs up to the ground floor (just one floor up) as we were leaving the house. My mum and Adam took the lift. The button for the ground floor is green, the others are grey.

Me: OK, just press the green one. (Starts walking off)
Adam: Three? (Doors to lift start to close with them inside)
Me: NO! The GREEN one!
Adam to Mum: Three.
I walk to the ground floor. No sign of them. I find them on the third floor. Where there’s obviously no exit from the building.

This is more of something he did. Imagine this: you’re given a bottle to put into a machine. And the machine looks like this.


Adam tried the bottom right hole before considering the top hole which has a moving belt going through the wall behind the machine.

The three of us were walking around Frankfurt when my brother randomly asks me a question.

Adam: Dan, if you could have £10 a week or £100 a month, which would you pick?
Me: … £100 a month…?
Adam: I wouldn’t, I’d pick £10 a week, because then you’d get more money after a year.
Me and my mum: …?
Adam: Oh wait, I worked it out wrong.

Tim, my mum, Adam and I sat at the restaurant on Lohrberg. Tim, my mum and I were having a conversation and Adam wasn’t paying attention, suddenly realising he does actually want to be part of the conversation.

Adam to Mum: What did you say?
Mum: I was talking about *whatever the topic was*
Adam: What?
Mum: Are you even listening?!
Adam: I can’t hear you!
Me: Adam, you’ve got your earphones in?!

The four of us got addicted to the Wizard card game. During out third game (baring in mind one game takes about one hour), I thought I could get a point due to a card my brother had recently played to then find he got the point with another card he played after.

Me: Adam, that’s not possible. You can’t play that card if you have one of that colour.
Adam: … ooooh, I get it now!

Another quote during the Wizard game. I had around 150 points, I was in second place. My brother had around 120 points, in third place. We’d just been drawing the round before.

Adam: Technically we’re drawing, you’re just a bit higher than me.

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